Friday, February 2, 2018

Nine hopeful books about schizophrenia

Sandra Allen's new book is A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise: A True Story About Schizophrenia. One of nine "works that speak about schizophrenia honestly, and yet do so with a measure of hope" that she tagged at Electric Lit:
The Voices Within by Charles Fernyhough

An engaging popular science book that examines how little we understand the internal experiences of people generally — not only those diagnosed with schizophrenia. What is thought? How do scientists study thought? This book also provides an introduction to the Hearing Voices movement, a civil rights movement for self-identified voice-hearers that has emerged over the last three decades. Fernyhough contemplates the voices “heard” by creative writers such as myself, and closely examines several historical and literary examples of this other sort of voice hearing.
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--Marshal Zeringue