Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Five best books about selling

Steve Cone, a senior marketing executive at Citigroup and the author of Steal These Ideas: Marketing Secrets That Will Make You a Star, named the five best books about selling for Opinion Journal.

His list includes a title by the godfather of the Page 69 Test as well as this book:
Branded Nation by James B. Twitchell

James B. Twitchell begins Branded Nation by asserting that "the secret to great brands is that they are often nonsensical." After all, what's golden about McDonald's? What's real about Coke? Among the endless number of books churned out each year that try to explain brand success, this is the best overview of the rules of the road. It also provides an in-depth look at the often overlooked marketing strategies of churches, universities and museums. Twitchell is unusual among college professors in that he teaches both English and advertising, two disciplines that make perfect sense together.
Read about all five titles.

--Marshal Zeringue