Thursday, March 22, 2007

Picks of the chicks

Last week, Diane Shipley wrote in defense of chick lit.

Some of her readers, she now writes:

didn't entirely buy my argument - but asked me to convince them: where were all these great books I was talking about?

"Persephone 251" said: "...I agree with you about Marian Keyes' Rachel's Holiday ... but Keyes is the only chick lit writer I can stand to read. I'm absolutely open to reading good chick lit but where is it to be found?"

It's a fair point: given the sheer volume of these novels, some of them (by the law of probability) are bound to be stinkers. So how do you know where to start?

So Shipley named names -- "Not a comprehensive list, but a good starting point for anyone open to discovering that great chick lit exists...."

Her list includes:

Stupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane - a deliciously snarky and unsentimental love story.

Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed, and Something Blue tell the same story from two different angles. Wonderfully written and well plotted.

I loved Laura Zigman's debut, Animal Husbandry, which weaved animal anthropology with clever social commentary. She recently took a break to have a baby and her latest book Piece of Work is about what happens when a mother enjoys working more than raising her child.

Read on: she names more titles.

--Marshal Zeringue