Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Five books on the question of intersubjectivity

Siri Hustvedt is the author of four novels, What I Loved, The Blindfold, The Enchantment of Lily Dahl, and The Sorrows of an American, as well as a collection of essays, A Plea for Eros.

For a Ink Q & A, she named five books "that all turn on the question of intersubjectivity: the "I" and the "you":

Art and Answerability: Early Philosophical Essays by M.M. Bahktin

Between Man and Man by Martin Buber

The Child, the Family, and the Outside World by D.W. Winnicott

The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity by Jurgen Habermas

Affect Regulation and the Origin of the Self by Allan N. Schore
Read Siri Hustvedt's Q & A.

--Marshal Zeringue