Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Five best books for your canine, and you

Back in 2005 at the Wall Street Journal, Kari Harendorf named a five best list of books for your canine, and you.

One title on the list:
"Dog Friendly Dog Training" by Andrea Arden (Howell Book House, 1999).

There is so much advice about dogs out there that it can be confusing (and, unfortunately, conflicting). Andrea Arden's book is clear, fun, easy to read and packed with valuable instruction. Learn how even a child can position a 100-pound dog with the help of a piece of kibble. Learn, too, the significance of the truth that training takes place all the time--and why, instead of correcting a dog only when he's doing something wrong, it's so important to reinforce him when he's doing something right.
Read about the other four books on the list.

--Marshal Zeringue