Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten of the best smokes in fiction

One title from the Guardian's "ten of the best smokes" list:
Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë

Once upon a time, the smell of cigar smoke was thought to be delicious, arousing. In the proposal scene of Brontë's novel, Jane catches the whiff of Rochester's cigar - "I know it well" - in the garden at Thornfield. It mingles with "sweet-briar and southernwood, jasmine, pink, and rose". With the heroine giddy on these blended scents, only one outcome is possible.
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Jane Eyre also made the Guardian's top 10 lists of "outsider books" and "romantic fiction," appears on Jessica Duchen's top ten list of literary Gypsies, and on John Mullan list of ten of the best weddings in literature.

The Page 99 Test: Jane Eyre.

--Marshal Zeringue