Monday, January 4, 2010

Ten of the best bad lawyers in fiction

For the Guardian, John Mullan named ten of the best bad lawyers in literature.

One lawyer on the list:
Sandor Himmelstein

In Herzog, the protagonist foolishly goes to stay with the lawyer who is managing his divorce. Himmelstein, like other Bellow lawyers, is a clever bully. He pours contempt on Herzog's unworldliness ("effing eggheads! It takes an ignorant bastard like me to fight liberal causes"), vouchsafes him slivers of his philosophy ("We're all whores") and smashes the dishes in his bitter fury at the world.
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Herzog appears on Eli Gottlieb's list of the top 10 literary scenes from the battle of the sexes.

See Mullan's list of ten of the best lawyers in literature.

--Marshal Zeringue