Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 10 fictional best friends that would make good real best friends

Panayiota Kuvetakis is a student at UC Berkeley studying comparative literature and theater. For Writer's Bloq, she named a top ten list of fictional best friends we'd like to have as nonfictional best friends, including:
Horatio – Hamlet

Though Hamlet’s self-centered crisis puts him in the limelight, Horatio is always there to support him. He is there to support Hamlet when he:
  • Sees a terrifying ghost of his dad
  • Plots to prove Claudius’ guilt in the mousetrap play
  • Finds out his long time love who he is currently bickering is dead
  • Has a breakdown when he finds out that his childhood clown, Yorick, can’t tell
  • jokes anymore because he is dead
  • Is poisoned to death
And after all that, Horatio is compliant with only being referred to as “friend to Hamlet” throughout the whole play. He even offers to drink Hamlet’s poisoned goblet! Instead, Hamlet tells him to stay alive, and “put things right” in Denmark.

Well that’s a lot of pressure.
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--Marshal Zeringue