Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Seven fictional characters with awful jobs

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Allegra Frazier tagged seven characters whose jobs are worse than yours, including:
Turn-of-the-century sweatshop seamstress (Esther Gottsfeld in Triangle, Katherine Weber)

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire really happened, and nearly 150 workers (almost all immigrant women), trapped by ineffective fire escapes and locked doors, really did either perish in the flames or in leaping from the windows. In this novel about American’s fourth deadliest industrial disaster, the court testimony provided by Esther, the oldest living survivor, is scrutinized by a nosy academic, much to the distress of Esther’s granddaughter. But the flashback scenes of the sweatshop environment itself, and the tragic oversights that trapped most of the workers (including Esther’s sister and fiancĂ©) inside, really give you the workplace willies—to say the very, very least.
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The Page 99 Test: Katherine Weber's Triangle.

--Marshal Zeringue