Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eight books for "Divergent" fans

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Melissa Albert tagged eight books for Divergent fans, including:
Not a Drop to Drink, by Mindy McGinnis

Postapocalyptic scenarios aren’t all televised fights to the death and sexy jumpsuits. In this more realistic take on a dark future, the earth’s water supply has been compromised, and access to your own store is the difference between life and death. Lynn and her mother live in isolation by a pond that they protect by any means necessary—but when Lynn suffers a sudden change in circumstance, she’s forced to open her life to outsiders, without losing her grip on what keeps her alive. Not a Drop to Drink is less about heroics than the high-stakes business of survival, but in her quiet way, Lynn is every bit as brave and resourceful as Tris.
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