Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nine notable talking animals in fiction

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Joel Cunningham tagged several favorite talking animals in fiction, including:
Charlotte (Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White)

Wilbur may be “some pig,” but considering how the deck has been stacked against her (specifically, she is a spider, and spiders…shudder), the real MVP of E.B. White’s children’s classic is undeniably Charlotte, whose calming presence and quick thinking saves Wilbur from a horrible fate. She even manages to make us tear up at her passing, and rejoice when hundreds of her babies hatch and float away on the breeze. Which, I guarantee you, if I encounter floating spider babies anywhere outside of this book, I will not be smiling.
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Charlotte's Web is among Scott Greenstone's top twenty books with fewer than 200 pages, Mohsin Hamid's six favorite books and Sarah Lean's top ten animal stories; it is a book Kate DiCamillo hopes parents will read to their kids.

--Marshal Zeringue