Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Six fascinating autobiographies by fiction writers

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Joel Cunningham tagged six fascinating autobiographies by fiction writers, including:
Little Failure, by Gary Shteyngart

If you’ve read Shteyngart, you know what to expect from his novels: a cast of colorful characters bouncing off one another in a world exaggerated to all-too-believable absurdity (see: Super Sad True Love Story; the appropriately titled Absurdistan). His recent memoir, which tells of his upbringing as an awkward, sickly child of immigrants who seem befuddled by their weird son (the title comes from his boyhood nickname…thanks, dad!) and his eventual success as an acclaimed author who perhaps still feels inadequate in his father’s eyes. With set pieces that include a late-in-childhood circumcision, you know the author’s holding nothing back.
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--Marshal Zeringue