Saturday, June 14, 2014

Five great travel books about places you may never go

Alina Simone is the author of the novel Note to Self.

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Simone tagged five great travel books about places you may never go, including:
The Ridiculous Race, by Steve Hely and Vadi Chandrasek.

In 2008, two future 30 Rock writers made a bet: whoever could circumvent the globe first without the use of airplanes wins a rare bottle of scotch and the lifelong right to yell Booyakasha! The pair set off in opposite directions, catching rides on shipping freighters, Mongolian ponies, and (almost!) an actual jetpack in Mexico. Whereas many “stunt” books have trouble sustaining readers’ interest once the novelty wears off, Hely and Chandrasek’s willingness to forge into the unknown, the exotic, and the just plain gross proves eminently, well, engrossing. Let them drink fermented horse milk!
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Writers Read: Steve Hely (July 2008).

Writers Read: Vali Chandrasekaran (July 2008).

--Marshal Zeringue