Friday, June 20, 2014

Five incredible tales of Paris’s past and present

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Katherine Monasterio recommended five incredible tales of Paris’s past and present, including:
A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway

There’s a reason Shakespeare & Company keeps this book stocked. Hemingway’s experience in Paris perfectly captures that certain sense of longing that visitors feel toward the City of Light. His distinct, blunt style reads like you’re sitting with him at a brasserie, sipping a bière and sharing gossip. His complicated relationship with F. Scott Fitzgerald, the wry advice from Gertrude Stein, the patient friendship of Sylvia Beach—it’s absolutely delightful to read, a piece of Paris you can take with you anywhere.
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A Moveable Feast made the Barnes & Noble Review's list of five books on Americans in Paris, Neil Pearson's six best books list, Diana Souhami's top ten list of "books about Paris and London lesbians in the early 20th century", Laura Landro's five best list of books about travel; it is a book to which Russell Banks always returns.

--Marshal Zeringue