Thursday, September 18, 2014

Top ten stories of mothers and daughters

Meike Ziervogel is the author of the novellas Magda and Clara's Daughter.

One of her top ten stories of mother-daughter relationships, as shared at the Guardian:
On Matricide: Myth, Psychoanalysis and the Law of the Mother by Amber Jacobs

The goddess Athena sprang forth fully armed from the head of her father, Zeus. The part of the legend far less well-known is that Zeus had swallowed the pregnant Metis, and it was she who gave birth to Athena inside Zeus. Jacobs here offers a brilliant reinterpretation of the Oresteia myth, and in doing so shows us how we can change our thinking. It’s a must-read (and you don’t have to have read the Oresteia first).
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--Marshal Zeringue