Friday, October 3, 2014

Five overlooked classic books from the Sunshine State

Randy Wayne White's novels featuring marine biologist Doc Ford and quirky pal, Tomlinson, have enjoyed a growing cult following since the first book appeared in 1990. At The Daily Beast, the Florida author tagged five overlooked classic books from the Sunshine State, including:
Richard Powell, I Take This Land

A 1963 novel about South Florida, written with the broad yet intricate brush of Gone With The Wind, but it was published during a newspaper strike so went unnoticed. Powell ranks with Patrick Smith in the hierarchy of Florida historical novelists and that is lofty territory, indeed. Powell also wrote a hilarious book set in a fictionalized Pine Island, Florida: Pioneer Go Home, which became the Elvis Presley movie “Follow That Dream.” (Probably Elvis’ best). Powell’s satire Don Quixote, USA also became a film, but a shamefully bad one—Bananas, by Woody Allen, whose efforts did an injustice to Powell’s humor and depth.
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--Marshal Zeringue