Friday, October 10, 2014

Top ten fictional badgers

John Dougherty is a children’s author, poet, and songwriter. In his Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face books, the badgers are the bad guys ... as disruptive as actual badgers.

One of Dougherty's top ten fictional badgers, as shared at the Guardian:
The lendri (from Watership Down by Richard Adams)

Early on in the story, the rabbits encounter a creature with grinning jaws, eyes “full of savage cunning”, and blood on its lips. It was slightly shocking, as a child reading this for the first time, to encounter a fictional badger that wasn’t wise and kind. Its “fierce, terrible stare” introduced me to a whole new way of looking at badgers, which is why a creature that only gets a couple of paragraphs in the whole book deserves almost as much here. Besides which, I’ll take any excuse to sneak Watership Down into my top 10 list of anything.
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Watership Down is on Piers Torday's top ten list of animal villains; it is a book Junot Díaz hopes parents will read to their kids.

--Marshal Zeringue