Saturday, November 22, 2014

Five top cop books

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Ellen Wehle tagged five cop books that hit the target, including:
Lush Life, by Richard Price

Speaking of The Wire, did you know Richard Price was one of the screenwriters? Known for his sharp, jazzy dialogue and “street cred,” in Lush Life he brings a whole neighborhood to life: the deli owners, deliverymen, and hip young art students who live shoulder to shoulder with the hustlers and gangbangers of New York’s Lower East Side. It’s a volatile mix. When artist Ike Marcus gets stopped on the street one night, he’s too high on life to care. “Not tonight, my man,” he calmly tells his mugger, and a single, fatal bullet is fired. Add a cop with a score to settle and a witness who lies about calling 911, and you’ve got an unforgettable police procedural.
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Lush Life is one of Gavin Knight's five top books on gang crime.

--Marshal Zeringue