Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Four top YA retellings of classics

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Sabrina Rojas Weiss tagged four recent Young Adult retellings of classic works, including:
Great, by Sara Benincasa (Based on The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald)

The original: (Like we have to tell you.) In a nutshell, young stockbroker Nick rents a house on Long Island, next to notorious party-thrower and self-made man Gatsby, who is still pining for his now-married love, Daisy, coincidentally Nick’s cousin. Tragedy ensues.

Benincasa’s take: While summering in the Hamptons with her mom, Naomi befriends her Internet-fashion wunderkind neighbor Jacinta, who is really interested in Naomi’s friend Delilah. The gender switching and modern setting provide an entertaining twist and a fresh story without displacing the original in our hearts.
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Great also appears on Dahlia Adler's list of six great Young Adult retellings of classics.

--Marshal Zeringue