Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Five YA books about intrepid aspiring reporters

At the BN Teen Blog Nicole Hill tagged five YA novels about intrepid aspiring reporters, including:
Fake ID, by Lamar Giles

In this tightly plotted, blisteringly paced thriller, Nick Pearson is pounding the pavement like any investigative reporter worth his salt. Though Nick’s circumstances are slightly different than most reporters: he and his family are in the witness protection program, thanks to his father’s previous occupation as bookkeeper to a mobster. But it’s hard to keep your head down when your new friend, the editor of the school newspaper, turns up dead in suspicious circumstances. Instead of lying low, Nick has to dig deep to find the truth—and it involves a lot of very close calls with danger.
Read about the other books on the list.

My Book, The Movie: Fake ID by Lamar Giles.

The Page 69 Test: Fake ID.

--Marshal Zeringue