Thursday, February 11, 2016

Top ten books for the broken-hearted

Susie Steiner is the author of Missing, Presumed. One of her ten top books for the broken-hearted, as shared at the Guardian:
Solitude by Anthony Storr

Did Beethoven compose great works before snuggling up in happy coupledom? He did not. While the world harps on about relationships being the key to happiness, psychiatrist Storr argues in this very kindly work that we pay far too little attention to some of the other great satisfactions of life – work and creativity. This book is a rallying cry for the irascible, lonely curmudgeons. We have stuff going for us too, says Storr, with much reference to psychoanalytic theory, and the twin human instincts – outward towards attachment yes, but also inward towards self-sufficiency and the kind of contemplation that can only happen when we are alone.
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--Marshal Zeringue