Thursday, July 14, 2016

Seven books to help you get through your divorce

At B&N Reads Jen Harper tagged seven "books about divorce and struggling through difficult times—fiction, memoir, and some self-help," including:
Yes Please, by Amy Poehler

Sometimes an unfortunate situation leaves you with only two choices—to laugh or to cry. And inevitably when going through a divorce, you’ll find the need to do both at some point. When you’re ready to laugh, pick up comic genius Amy Poehler’s first book Yes Please, a collection of personal stories, lists, and even a haiku that’ll definitely put a smile on your face. Poehler doesn’t dedicate a lot of space to her own divorce from Will Arnett, calling it “too sad and too personal,” but the insight on splitting up she does offer will have you nodding right along with her as she writes, “getting a divorce really sucks.”
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--Marshal Zeringue