Saturday, July 9, 2016

Twelve novel adaptations that should get a do-over reboot

At io9 Andrew Liptak tagged twelve novels that deserve better adaptations than Hollywood produced, including:

Horns was an interesting movie. It was one of the first major roles for Daniel Radcliffe when he finished Harry Potter, playing Ig, a man accused of killing his girlfriend. When he grows a pair of horns, people start telling him their darkest secrets.

The book does follow the story closely, but takes on more of a whodunit narrative, the result of which didn’t quite work. We thought that the film lacked the depth of the novel and was ultimately too light for its own good.

It would be hard to do this film over, because they got a lot of the atmosphere right, while the acting was pretty decent. Maybe a film with a stronger script that matched the intensity of the novel would overtake this one.
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--Marshal Zeringue