Monday, November 21, 2016

Six books for fans of "Orange Is The New Black"

One title on Melissa Albert's list of six YA reads for fans of Orange Is The New Black, as shared at the BN Teen blog:
Something Like Hope, by Shawn Goodman

One of OITNB’s more eye-opening subplots is the release and almost immediate reincarceration of Taystee. In the changed world outside prison, she has nowhere to go, nobody to count on, and no help from the system in making a reentry plan—so it’s no surprise when she finds herself locked in a vicious cycle of recidivism. Something Like Hope‘s Shavonne, daughter of a junkie mom, has been locked up since junior high, and the approach of her 18th birthday and freedom fills her with fear. A new therapist opens her up to self-knowledge, empathy, and even hope, in a world where caring too much can be used to destroy you—but she still has to survive the vengeful inmates and sadistic guards standing between her and a life outside.
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--Marshal Zeringue