Thursday, November 17, 2016

Top ten books about the hostile ocean

Cynan Jones's latest book is Cove. One of his ten top books about the hostile ocean, as shared at the Guardian:
The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger

When warm air from a low-pressure system collides with a flow of cool, dry air generated by high pressure, and this coincides with tropical moisture provided by a hurricane, the situation is ripe for a “perfect storm”. Such a storm is at the centre of this true account of the disaster that beset the Andrea Gail and its crew, out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, on a late-season fishing expedition in 1991.

Rarely has a book battered me with so many astounding facts and figures – how much power a lightning strike delivers, how long trawl lines can be, the numbers behind waves … I read this book a long time ago, but it remains vivid in my mind.
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--Marshal Zeringue