Friday, April 21, 2017

Eight top picture books for Earth Day

At the BN Kids blog Charlotte Taylor tagged eight inspiring picture books for Earth Day, including:
The Lonely Giant, by Sophie Ambrose

A giant living in a forest spends his days pulling up trees and smashing mountains, just because that’s what he’s used to doing—he’s thoughtless, not greedy or deliberately destructive. But because of his actions, the creatures that live in the forest disappear as their home is destroyed, and the giant finds himself all alone. When he finds one last yellow bird, he captures her to be a friend, but in her cage she grows too sad to sing. The giant is moved by her sadness, and lets her go…and he realizes that if he wants birds to stay with him and sing, he must repair the damage he’s done, and he sets to work. Although the point is not subtle, it’s a sweetly effective story that hopeful rather than depressing.
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--Marshal Zeringue