Sunday, April 2, 2017

Five YA novels for the fandom-obsessed

At the BN Teen Blog Gabriella Abbate tagged five YA novels that "celebrate what it means to be a fan, to belong to a group of people who adore the same thing, and will do absolutely anything to honor it," including:
Geekerella, by Ashley Poston

When Elle finds out her favorite fandom is hosting a cosplay contest in honor of the new movie adaption, she has to enter. But her feelings quickly become complicated when the teen heartthrob chosen for the lead is #NotHerPrinceCarmindor. Right around the time her blog blows up following the running of a critical Prince Carmindor post, she starts texting with a mysterious fellow Starfield fan.

Meanwhile, the new Carmindor, actor Darien Freeman, has one rule—he does not do cons. But with pressure from his agent and unhappy fans protesting his casting (even though he’s secretly one of Starfield‘s diehard fans), he’s forced into appearing. With the help of the mysterious fangirl he’s texting, he just might become the Prince Carmindor he has always wanted to be. Part Cinderella retelling, part Comic-Con/fangirl geek-out session, Geekerella is a cute ode to all of us who have ever immersed ourselves in the con life, and those of us who haven’t quite worked up the nerve to cosplay.
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--Marshal Zeringue