Friday, October 6, 2017

Five of the best YA books set in the 1920s

At the BN Teen Blog Elodie tagged five of the best YA novels set in the 1920s, including:
Bright Young Things, by Anna Godbersen

Good news, Anna Godbersen fans: the author behind the addictive Victorian drama series The Luxe has crafted a Roaring Twenties version with Bright Young Things. It’s 1929 in Manhattan. The hemlines are higher, the morals are looser, and anything goes in the city that never sleeps. But it’s not all glittering Broadway lights and free-flowing champagne. Letty wants to become an actress. Cordelia’s on the hunt for her infamous criminal father. The socialite Astrid is dating a rich man but finds herself attracted to her mother’s stable boy. And soon enough—as the prologue will tell you—one will be famous, one will be married, and one will be dead. All the while, the tumultuous end of the “era that roared” draws ever closer.
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Bright Young Things is among Rachel Paxton's top eight YA novels for a guided tour through the 20th century.

--Marshal Zeringue