Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Five of the indisputably best dogs in (contemporary) literature

Miriam Parker's new novel is The Shortest Way Home.

She lives in Brooklyn with her spaniel, Leopold Bloom.

One entry from Parker's list of the indisputably best dogs in (contemporary) literature, as shared at LitHub:
Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz

Alexandra Horowitz isn’t a novelist, but she writes so well about dogs and dog cognition that I can’t help but write about her here. Inside of a Dog is a book about how dogs work, what they’re thinking about, who they are at their core. She tells us that dogs smell time—they SMELL TIME? But yes, the stronger a smell is, the newer it is. They experience everything via smell. And that’s why your dog might know that you’re home before you walk in the door. He smells you from (literally) a mile away. It’s a book that I consult regularly as I stare across the couch at my dog and think “what is going on in that cute little head (and nose) of yours?”
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--Marshal Zeringue