Sunday, October 28, 2018

Five SFF books featuring women in love with women

Kate Heartfield's new time-travel novella is Alice Payne Arrives. One of the author's five favorite SFF books with F/F relationships, as shared at
Ascension by Jacqueline Koyanagi

This space opera is so much fun, start to finish. Alana Quick is a sky surgeon (like an engineer, but for starships) with a chronic illness, an ex-wife, and a fraught relationship with her mystical sister. When a starship comes looking for said sister, Alana stows away in its cargo hold, hoping to end up with a job as an engineer.

The brash, blonde starship captain, Tev Helix, is desperate to get some leverage over a transdimensional corporation, a corporation that can save the ship’s pilot from a slow, strange death. Alana finds herself desperate for Tev. But Tev already has a partner, and that’s only one of the complications Alana tries to untangle.

The science in this book is cool and magical (the other ship’s engineer is a man who might be a wolf if you look at him from the right angle), but the concerns of the characters are grounded and just so real, from the costs of medicines to the complexity of human relationships. It’s sexy and fast-paced, and most of the characters are women.
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--Marshal Zeringue