Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Ten books for fans of "A Star Is Born"

At Entertainment Weekly Esme Douglas and Maureen Lee Lenker tagged ten books to read if you loved A Star Is Born, including:
A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True: 1907-1940, by Victoria Wilson

When A Star Is Born was first released in 1937, rumors swirled that it was based on the real-life marriage of rising star Barbara Stanwyck and vaudeville actor Frank Fay. Their careers followed similar reverse trajectories, with Stanwyck breezing toward immortality as Fay sank into alcoholism. Whether Stanwyck was the real inspiration for this myth or not, Wilson’s in-depth, long-in-the-works biography is the first of its kind — and it’s only volume 1. Drawing on more than 200 interviews with Stanwyck’s colleagues and family, as well as her private papers, it examines her iconic, complex life with care.
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--Marshal Zeringue