Thursday, December 6, 2018

Ten top Victorian Gothic novels

Laura Purcell is the author of The Silent Companions and The Corset. At CrimeReads she tagged ten favorite Victorian Gothic novels, including:
Alison Littlewood, The Hidden People

One of the many wonders of Littlewood’s story is its deviation from the tropes. Rather than a crumbling mansion in desolate countryside, she presents a homely cottage surrounded by verdure. Instead of winds and rain, the action takes place at the height of summer. Yet this is still a Gothic novel, infused with suspicion and obsession. Albie travels to the village of Halfoak to investigate the horrific murder of his young cousin. But rather than blaming human agency, the locals spin him a tale of fairies and changelings. Living alone in his cousin’s house, his scepticism is soon put to the test. A great blend of both human and supernatural monsters.
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--Marshal Zeringue