Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Top ten books about the seasons

Axel Lindén lives with his family on a farm in Sweden. Counting Sheep: Reflections and Observations of a Swedish Shepherd is his first book.

One of the author's ten best books about the seasons, as shared at the Guardian:
The History of Bees by Maja Lunde

This is a debut novel about the honey bee’s crucial significance to humankind’s life on Earth. To me, it is an autumnal book because this is the time when I feed my bees – we have five hives on the farm. The autumn is when I sense the bees’ desperation, knowing they will have to face the cold and wintry conditions ahead. Lunde poignantly depicts our fragile relationship with the environment in the stories of succeeding generations of beekeepers. Just as bees tirelessly produce their honey milligram by milligram, Lunde builds her story detail by detail into an intricate treat for her readers.
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--Marshal Zeringue