Monday, February 11, 2019

Ten contemporary “Dickensian” novels

At LitHub Emily Temple tagged ten contemporary Dickensian novels, including:
Carlos Fuentes, tr. Edith Grossman, Destiny and Desire

Fuentes’ over-the-top epic is filled with orphans, travels, secrets, family struggles, ghosts, severed heads, convicts, colorful characters, political commentary and plot twists. What’s more, the author himself acknowledges Dickens as a major influence:
I had a very deep sense of Dickens as I wrote this. Charles Dickens was very present when I wrote the novel especially because the young men do not know who their parents are. There is a go-between, he’s a mysterious lawyer who doesn’t tell the men who their parents are. He plays that ‘go-between’ role very commonly found in Dickens’ novels. So, it’s a very Dickensian novel in that sense.
Straight from the horse’s mouth.
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--Marshal Zeringue