Thursday, February 14, 2019

Top ten genre-twisting novels

Alan Trotter is a writer based in Edinburgh. Muscle, his debut novel, was awarded the inaugural Sceptre Prize for a novel-in-progress. He has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Glasgow - his dissertation concerned writers making unusual use of the form of the book.

One of his ten top genre-twisting novels, as shared at the Guardian:
VALIS by Philip K Dick

Imitators of Dick often share this problem: that behind their carefully fracturing, multiplying realities is the sense of a rational, maybe even clever author in command of it all. In the best of Dick’s novels, you feel the author’s own grip on reality might just be as tentative as that of his suffering characters. In VALIS (probably his masterpiece) the distinction between science-fiction fabulism and autobiography collapses completely, as a character that is explicitly Dick experiences a great revelation on the nature of existence by way of a pink laser beam.
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