Monday, December 9, 2019

Ten top Brontë re-tellings

At Read It Forward Lorraine Berry tagged ten Brontë adaptations you need to read, including:
Becoming Jane Eyre
Sheila Kohler

Those hungry for more information about the remarkable family that produced three literary legends will find plenty to love in Kohler’s reimagining of the events that led to the writing of Jane Eyre. In addition to Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, there were three other siblings. Their mother Maria and Elizabeth, the two eldest sisters, perished from tuberculosis at the ages of eleven and ten respectively. Sole brother Branwell was a painter, but he was also an alcoholic and laudanum addict. His death at age thirty-one disrupted the family once again. The three surviving sisters each turned to words and writing as comfort and a chance to explore the darkness. As Kohler takes readers further into Charlotte’s imagination, the familiar figures of Jane, Rochester, and the kind Mrs. Fairfax emerge.
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--Marshal Zeringue