Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Top ten mysteries set in isolated or small-town Australia

Sara Foster is the author of Come Back to Me, Beneath the Shadows, Shallow Breath, All That Is Lost between Us, The Hidden Hours, and (releasing in the US in March 2020) You Don’t Know Me.

Born and raised in England, Foster moved to Australia in 2004.

At The Strand Magazine she tagged "ten of the best brooding mysteries and thrillers set in isolated or small-town regions of Australia," including:
The Lost Man by Jane Harper

It’s difficult to know which Harper story to pick, as the searing heat of The Dry still resonates with me a few years after reading her debut novel, and Force of Nature is about a group of city-dwellers getting lost in the outback on a team-bonding activity. However, I think her latest, The Lost Man, with a body found huddled on a gravestone in the middle of the desert, and a tense and troubled family living on a remote station in the outback, might just be my favourite of the three.
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--Marshal Zeringue