Saturday, November 19, 2022

Seven books that examine the thrill of life at sea, for good and evil

John Winn Miller is a former award-winning investigative reporter, foreign correspondent, editor, newspaper publisher, screenwriter, indie movie producer, and novelist. He lives in Lexington, KY, with his wife Margo, a potter and former college English instructor, two standard poodles, and a Maine Coon cat.

Miller's debut novel is The Hunt for the Peggy C.

At CrimeReads he tagged "seven books–fiction and non-fiction–that examine the thrill of life at sea, for good and evil," including:
THE DEVIL’S ALTERNATIVE by Frederick Forsyth

Forsyth’s Cold War thriller reads like it was taken from today’s headlines: Ukrainian nationalists hijack the world’s largest oil supertanker and threaten to unleash an ecological disaster if their Jewish colleagues, who hijacked a Soviet airliner, are not freed from a West Berlin prison; the Soviet Union, facing a deadly famine, teeters between negotiating with the West for food or seizing it by war, which will become the only option if the West frees the Ukrainian prisoners who know a terrible secret that could cause the breakup of the Soviet Union. British Intelligence agent Adam Munro must figure out a solution, knowing that each choice could lead to massive casualties. Whew!
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--Marshal Zeringue