Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Six thrillers set in stunning locales

Lyn Liao Butler was born in Taiwan and moved to the States when she was seven. Before becoming an author, she was a professional ballet and modern dancer, and is still a personal trainer and fitness and yoga instructor. She is an avid animal lover who fosters dogs and volunteers with rescues. When she is not torturing clients or talking to imaginary characters, Butler enjoys spending time with her FDNY husband, their son (the happiest little boy in the world), and their three stubborn dachshunds; sewing for her Etsy shop; and trying complicated yoga poses on a stand-up paddleboard. So far, she has not fallen into the water.

Butler's new novel is Someone Else's Life.

At CrimeReads she tagged six thrillers that are "all the more delicious for the juxtaposition of beautiful settings and dark deeds." One title on the list:
Bones of Hilo by Eric Redman

A young, inexperienced detective from the wet, working-class side of Hawaii’s Big Island gets the chance of a lifetime when the mainland developer of an unpopular resort on the island’s tourist side is found murdered on a luxury golf course, an ancient Hawaiian spear driven through his heart. This book is a deep dive into the Hawaiian culture and people, and the island’s ancient past. Filled with local color that goes beyond the tropical paradise that Hawaii is known for, this mystery will suck you in while showing you a whole new side of Big Island.
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--Marshal Zeringue