Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Six beach reads where big characters live big stories

Jeffrey Robinson's new novel is Trump Tower. For The Daily Beast he tagged "his favorite throwback beach reads, those classic big summer books where big characters lived big stories," including:
The Valley Of The Dolls (1966)
by Jacqueline Susann

Just as The Best of Everything set the stage for this book, The Valley of the Dolls set the stage for Sex In The City. Three women discover the insides of show business—the tinsel, the corruption, the lies and the egos—as tinseled, corrupt, lying ego maniacal men discover the insides of these three women. Often listed as one of the best-selling American novels of all time, Susann told stories from her own experience. She was married to a press agent and, supposedly, had an affair with Ethel Merman. Go figure that one. Despite Truman Capote’s opinion, “She doesn’t write, she types,” what she did here was type a really great summer beach read.
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--Marshal Zeringue