Sunday, August 12, 2012

Top ten books with wolves

Emma Barnes was born and raised in Edinburgh. At one time she lived in a house that a lot of people thought was the childhood home of author Robert Louis Stevenson – they used to come and take pictures of it – only it wasn’t.

Her books for children include Wolfie, the exciting tale of one girl and her wolf, How (Not) to Make Bad Children Good, and Jessica Haggerthwaite: Witch Dispatcher.

For the Guardian, she named her ten top books with wolves, including:
White Fang by Jack London

This classic book was maybe the first to really try and enter the mind of a wolf (in fact a hybrid half-wolf, half-dog) in its own terrain. Jack London is wonderful at creating a feel for the wilderness, in its beauty and harshness, and the violence of both animal and human worlds. A compelling read – but not an easy or comforting one.
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White Fang is one of Marcus Sedgwick's top ten books from cold climes.

--Marshal Zeringue