Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five children’s books that make you feel like you're drunk

Whitney Collins is the author of The Hamster Won't Die: A Treasury of Feral Humor and the creator and editor of two humor sites -- errant parent and The Yellow Ham.

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog she tagged five "specimens of outlandish children’s literature [that] will convince you that you’ve spent the day bar-hopping," including:
Fox In Socks, by Dr. Seuss
I hear that when people get pulled over for a DUI, the cops ask them to recite the alphabet backward. You know what? Just have them read one page of Fox In Socks. Sweet Lorax! It’s impossible. I know this book is meant to teach children rhyming and phonics, but all it’s doing is teaching them that Mommy sounds like a wino when she has to deal with excessive alliteration.
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--Marshal Zeringue