Thursday, July 18, 2013

Top ten literary works about ancestors

Daisy Hildyard was born in Yorkshire in 1984 and currently lives in London, where she is studying for a PhD on scientific language. Hunters in the Snow is her first novel.

For the Guardian, she named the ten best poems, books, and plays about our human inheritance, including:
On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

Near the beginning, Darwin considers what we do not know about our ancestors.

"The laws governing inheritance are quite unknown; no one can say why the same peculiarity in different individuals of the same species, and in individuals of different species, is sometimes inherited and sometimes not so; [or] why the child often reverts in certain characters to its grandfather or grandmother or other much more remote ancestor."
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On the Origin of Species is among Clive Finlayson's five best books on extinction and Gerald Imber's five best books on cosmetic surgery.

--Marshal Zeringue