Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Five notable books by musicians

Claire Zulkey is a writer who lives in Chicago.  Her books include the novel An Off Year. She also edits the aptly named website,

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Zulkey tagged five top books "written by folks more famous for rocking out," including:
Life, by Keith Richards

I was always a Beatles girl, but Keef’s epic autobiography made me start appreciating the Stones, not just for their bad-boy ways but for their deep dedication to music. Sure, Keith will always look like Captain Jack Sparrow’s dad, but deep down he’s secretly an unknown blues musician from Chicago. Life contains dark and delightful anecdotes to entertain Stones fans, from the dilettantes to the hardcore. But regardless of where you lie on the spectrum, be prepared to download a few Stones tunes, because this book will have you itching to hear the accompanying soundtrack.
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Life is one of Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Paul Muldoon's five top rock-and-roll books.

--Marshal Zeringue