Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ten of the best books about women

Bidisha is a writer and broadcaster specializing in human rights, international affairs and the arts and culture. She also does outreach work in UK detention centers and prisons. She is an International Reporting Project 2013 Fellow, working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to raise awareness of global development issues. Her most recent book is Beyond the Wall: Writing a Path Through Palestine.

One of her top ten books about women, as told to the Guardian:
The Shining Girls
Lauren Beukes 2013

A guy’s killing women all over town and all over time-space, until one woman decides that she’s just not going to take it any more. She turns detective and reclaims her power. This urban joyride from the award-winning author of Zoo City is both a sizzling urban fantasy and a satisfying revenge plot, bloodthirsty and righteous. A vindication of victims, an indictment of male violence, a fightback and a page-turner, it became a cult classic as soon as it came out. Its brilliance lies in its interweaving of slick language, pummelling action and social conscience, pulp and politics.
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--Marshal Zeringue