Friday, September 20, 2013

Top ten love stories with a twist

Holly Bourne's debut YA novel, Soulmates, twists the usual romantic expectations by asking "what if finding your soulmate was the worst thing ever?"

One of the author's top ten love stories with a twist, as told to the Guardian:
Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel

Oh how we love a good story about people who have lost lovers and can't quite get over it. If it isn't Catherine's ghost catapulting herself around the moors, it's Queen Victoria still laying out clothes for her dead husband each morning. In Goodbye for Now, computer-whizz Sam Elling invents a virtual reality programme allowing you to Skype the dead. Just what would Heathcliff have done with that, eh? When tragedy strikes in Sam's own love life, dare he use his own technology? This book examines so much: grief, letting go, and our culture's growing love affair with virtual realities, and ultimately virtual relationships.
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--Marshal Zeringue