Thursday, July 31, 2014

Five top books about small towns

For the Barnes & Noble Review, Jessica Ferri tagged five top books on American small towns, including:
Pet Sematary
by Stephen King

While Stephen King once called Shirley Jackson America’s best horror writer, it’s King who has carried that torch into the twenty-first century. Zombie pets are scary — but the true terror behind Pet Sematary (as in many of King’s novels) is the frustration of a man who doesn’t fit in. Like Jack Torrance in The Shining, Louis Creed has lost his job as a doctor under suspicious circumstances and must move his family to the rural Maine hamlet of Ludlow to work at a university clinic. Ludlow’s constant stream of Mack trucks (the throughway has yet to be built) dooms all pets. Despite warnings not to venture past into the town’s animal graveyard from neighbors and ghosts alike, grief-impaired Louis makes a horrifying mistake.
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Pet Sematary is one of Sandra Greaves's top ten ghost stories.

--Marshal Zeringue