Friday, July 25, 2014

Five top books on cycling

One title on the Barnes & Noble Review's list of five top books on cycling:
The Lost Cyclist: The Epic Tale of an American Adventurer and His Mysterious Disappearance by David Herlihy

Writes Paul Di Filippo of David Herlihy's history of Franz Lenz: "One of the posers -- they are all amateur bicycle fanatics from the Victorian era -- shows a mild resemblance to the young Paul Newman. He is Frank Lenz, twenty-four years old, and he has conceived of the grand and bold notion of cycling alone entirely around the globe. He will never succeed, meeting a mysterious death in Turkey: a death that will induce further heroics from one of his peers." When Lenz, inspired by a fellow cyclist's 1887 bike trek around the world, sets off on a transcontinental jaunt of his own, an international incident and incredible story of mystery, tragedy, and touching camaraderie-in-memoriam begins.
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--Marshal Zeringue