Sunday, July 27, 2014

Top ten animal villains

Piers Torday was born in Northumberland, which is possibly the one part of England where more animals live than people. After working as a producer and writer in theatre, live comedy and TV, he now lives in London where there are more animals than you might think. His book The Last Wild was released in the US in March and is followed by the sequel, The Dark Wild.

One of Torday's top ten animal villains, as shared at the Guardian:
Napoleon from Animal Farm by George Orwell

Not technically a children’s book, as some thought at the time, but one I enjoyed as a child – although I feared the tyrannical pig Napoleon, “the rather fierce looking Berkshire boar, with a reputation for getting his own way” who promises equality for all beasts but ends up living like a human in the farmhouse, at their expense.
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Animal Farm is one of Robson Green's six best books, Heather Brooke's five books on holding power to account, Chuck Klosterman's most important books; it appears on John Mullan's list of ten of the best pigs in literature and Charlie Jane Anders and Michael Ann Dobbs's list of well-known and beloved science fiction and fantasy novels that were rejected over and over.

--Marshal Zeringue