Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Eight fantastical airborne societies

David Dalglish's books include, Skyborn, the first installment of his all new fantasy series. One title on his list of eight top airborne societies in fantasy fiction, as shared at the B & N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog:
The Cloud Roads, by Martha Wells

Like many flying islands and cities, those in the Three Worlds, home to Wells’ Books of the Raksura, are buoyed by magical rocks. Naturally, some of the (many and varied) earthbound humanoids have harnessed their power (the rocks retain their anti-gravity properties even when removed from the islands) to power flying boats. Moon, a Raksura (a race of shapeshifting humanoids) without familial ties, is ostracized by his adopted tribe, and his quest for a place to call home sets him off on a series of grand adventures.
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--Marshal Zeringue